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Teocali Academy was founded in 1982 thanks to the vision and donations from a small group of parents from Guanacaste Province interested in giving their children quality and competitive bilingual private education.

The word “Teocali” comes from the nahuatl language of the Middle American pre-Columbian cultures, and it means:  “House of Wisdom”.

Since it opened Teocali has been focused in offering an English program that will assure every student the ability to master the language with equal fluency as Spanish.  Subjects offered  in Spanish are based on the Costa Rican Education System.

In 1991 Teocali academy opened grades 3 to 6.  In 1993 the school inaugurated its new campus with the high school  building designed by  Guanacaste architect Carlos Matarrita.  This new campus is located in the school’s own land where other buildings were added to house the pre-school and elementary sections.

Initially Teocali Academy was a non-profit association.  In 2006 financial problems caused it to become a corporation and sell stock.  Nowadays the school belongs to Grupo Teocali S.A. a corporation with 45 stockholders.  Teocali Association continues to operate as administrator of our scholarship fund.

In 2012 Teocali had its 30th anniversary  having graduated 19 senior classes with a general passing average of 98% in National High School Graduation Exams (Bachillerato Ministerio Educación Pública), and admission exams to public universities.  These results place Teocali among the country’s top 35 schools and  the best school in Guanacaste Province.

At the present time our high school students are taught MATEM-125 a subject matter recognized by the University of Costa Rica . Students in 10th.  and 11th.  grades take the complete course for the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language) a requirement to enter English language universities.

Accreditations and affiliations

Accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education since 1982.

Affiliated to ACEP  (Costa Rican Private Schools’ Association)

Accredited as International Baccalaureate (IB). 

What we offer


Early Learning

Kinder garden




I cycle grades 1 to 3

II cycle grades 4 to 6


Middle School  grades 7 to 9

High School  grades 10 and 11


Costa Rican  Ministry of Education High School Diploma

International Baccalaureate  Bilingual Diploma



Our teaching philosophy


Our teaching philosophy is based on a set of principles and values that must prevail at all times in human development,  especially during the learning years.  A period in life in which we prepare to face the challenges our society will present.  Special emphasis is placed in making sure our students grow up to be able to think, be critical, creative, responsible and conscious of their role in local and global society.

We train our students to develop under a set of six basic values which are in effect the foundations of our school’s educational system:

** Respect to peers and adults.

** Discipline as a means to achieve their overall personal development

** Honesty as a fundamental requirement in developing reasonable, just and honest individuals

** Solidarity as a means of mutual assistance among the school’s  population, as well as our local and global society.

** We encourage especially the need to preserve our “guanacasteco”   identity by learning our history, music, folklore, typical foods, arts and crafts and traditions.

** Environmental protection plays a key role under this concept.  


Academia Teocali , as a school committed to the success of our students, has assumed a special identity under the International Baccalaureate Program approved in 2014.  The following is a description of this program taken from the  document called THE DIPLOMA PROGRAM: FROM PRINCIPLES TO PRACTICE



To become a leading school in Costa Rica devoted to private bilingual education with an  innovative curriculum that  allows our students to develop the necessary capabilities to become self-assured, critical and solidary, guided by strong ethical and moral principles , capable of successfully constructing their own life’s projects , willing to participate in their communities in an active responsible manner at the local and global level.



To work alongside our  students in their academic and personal development both for Costa Ricans and foreign residents living in our country.  This will allow them to become fully bilingual in Spanish and English,  with  academic excellence and to develop as creative and critical individuals with a genuine  personal, social and environmental sense of responsibility.


Our team



Academic Direction: Dra. Yalile Chan Jiménez.

Administrative Officer:  Licda: Shirley Vallejos Caravaca.



Language arts: Luis Roberto Jiménez Cerdas.

Mathematics:  César Lara Vanegas.

Science and Technology: Esteban Porras Murullo.

IB Coordinator: Jonathan zúñiga Arrieta.



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